At SUSUKI FARM, cattle are the priority of everyday

With the hope of feeding our children safe and reassuring beef with confidence.


For delicious, reassuring and safe beef production, firstly it is important to maintain the cattle’s health. With the philosophy of cattle being the priority and basing everyday around the cattle’s health and wellbeing, SUSUKI FARM took on a new challenge.
SUSUKI FARM has worked on the complete traceability of the cattle, from calves to feed, ensuring that the production system put forward to the consumer is reliable. The philosophy of cattle being the priority of everyday is making definite progress.

Establishing a safe and reassuring production system by monitoring data regarding everyday feeding


SUSUKI FARM believes making open the complete traceability of feed amount and content of the beef we consume is the key to ensuring reassurance and safety to consumers.
At SUSUKI FARM, cattle condition and management is checked daily, with health conditions, weighing and each day’s quantity and content of feed all datarised. With this clear visualization of cattle management, information and up to date conditions on the cattle can be shared among workers, fulfilling SUSUKI FARM’s policy of cattle being the priority of everyday.

Cattle Always The Priority – With The Creation of A Feedlot That Causes as Little Stress Towards Cattle as Possible.


Even the slightest of things can cause stress towards cattle.
Here at SUSUKI FARM, cattle are our priority and so feed and environment are put in place while trying to see through the eyes of the cattle. Using this as our policy, mist ventilation fans have been set in order to prevent high temperatures within the pens and a green curtain put in place preventing strong sun ray caused stress on cattle. With such equipment, SUSUKI FARM is working on a low stress environment for cattle.

With Our Own Silage & Self-Grown Grain, We Aim To Maintain A Reassuring & Safe Feeding System.


In order to provide consumers with reassuring and safe beef, SUSUKI FARM find it necessary to not add to our product anything that may concern our consumers such as the use of antibiotics and agricultural chemicals. To make sure that we can confidently supply our beef, we are deeply involved with the production of feed. At SUSUKI FARM, hormones and antibiotics are not used on our cattle. We are using our own feed that is self grown and manufactured at our feedlot.
At SUSUKI FARM, fibre rich processing by-products such as tofu and Shochu refuse and self gown lactic acid fermented, stock feed rice are provided as our special insistence.

Staff Work Together in Basing Decisions Around Cattle & Putting to Practice.

We, SUSUKI FARM are a reliable food company where all staff are aware of cattle health conditions based on the daily checks where they do not rely on their intuition gained from experience but follow the concrete information of data and act accordingly.
The staff of SUSUKI FARM are an integrated food company who feel responsibility in delivering reassuring and safe beef from feeding up to when it is served at the table.
Staff are aiming to create a production system that will show improvement and can be put to practice in order to fulfill this responsibility.